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Uncontaminated Drinking Water and Washing Stations for Clean Hygiene are necessary prerequisites for Healthy Living Conditions within any Society.

Off-Grid Solar Powered

Water Purification System 4000

The BrightWater Energy Solutions system will purify on average 26,127 gallons / 98,901.4 Liters per day (36,098,865 liters per year).

Sediment filter

Ultra Filtration filter

Removal of Fluoride, Arsenic III/V, Lead, Mercury, Chromium VI, Copper and Uranium

Organic Removal

UV Disinfection lights

Chemical Injection – ability to add Chlorine or Electrolytes

Products are engineered to be self-contained, sustainable and environmentally friendly



Solar Water Purification

BrightWater Energy Solutions Off-Grid Solar Water Purification System Features:

All critical functions automatically controlled by military grade computer

Fully enclosed, sturdy, durable, ISO Certified ocean shipping container

Easy to transport by ship or trailer

Easy to install in less than 2-days for water pump operations with a properly prepared borehole, and 5-days for full operation of purification system, dispensing station, wash station, and clean water tank

Training provided with purchase of the system

Highly effective purification results for a wide variety of water sources

Ultrafiltration in low turbidity water along with providing a barrier for bacteria under variable conditions

Electronic chlorine-dosing pump for continuous treatment of filtered water if required

Automated backwash function to ensure timely cleaning, extension of filter life and labor cost reduction

Long life filter membranes lasting years with minimal maintenance

Polishing filters which are customized to meet specific requirements

Fully integrated solar and battery power management system

Electronic water conditioners for Corrosion Resistance, Scale Inhibition, In-Line Coagulation, increasing Filter Efficiency and decreasing Filter Fouling

Two different UV final stage disinfection units operating in parallel – highly effective against bacteria, viruses, and protozoa

Removal of Fluoride, Arsenic III/V, Lead, Mercury, Chromium VI, Copper and Uranium

Solar Powered Clean Water Dispensing Station

The Clean Water Dispensing Station has multiple dispensing nozzles

Each Water Dispensing Station is designed to use solar power only and to pump clean water from the Lined & Sealed Clean Water storage tanks.

Each Water Station is designed to deliver 13 times the amount of water per day vs. relying simply on gravity.

Each Water Station provides an estimated 2.5 Hours of nighttime pumping.

Each Water Dispensing Station can service over 2,000 people.

Each Water Dispensing Station will have a powder-coated steel frame with a stainless-steel exterior construction and commercial grade water equipment.

The Clean Water Dispensing Station loading-shelf, where all of the containers are placed, will be low to the ground (10”) so the women and children can easily lift their water containers into place and then when filled, remove them.

Our design can fit 2 Water Stations per 20-foot container.

The Water Dispensing Station is designed to be moved with a forklift, set precisely into place and then anchored securely into the ground.

Wash Station Notes


100% Solar Powered
2 Wash Station Units per 1 Water Dispensing Station
Water flow can be controlled at each Wash Station Bay

Each Wash Station is constructed to be connected together on either end at the ground level by a continuous telescoping runner. This will allow the 2 wash basins to be pushed together for shipping, then extended and staked down into the ground upon arrival

100% Stainless Steel

Each Wash station will have a levered shut-off valve that is mounted within the frame of the Wash Station so as to not be knocked into or broken

Each Wash Station Unit will be attached by a quick disconnect onto a Water Dispensing Station with a max of 2 Wash Station Units per 1 Water Dispensing Station

“Guaranteed Fast Daily Water Distribution”


91,914 Liter Cistern Water Tank

8 oz./226.7 Gram Geotextile Liner

Factory Fabricated 40 mil liner for potable service to comply with NSF 61

10 Year warranty

G115 galvanized corrugated steel

Steel floor and gravel-retainer ring for long-term tank stabilization


Software Calculations for Benin, West Africa

Off-Grid Solar Water Purification

The Purification Container has been enhanced to include both an equipment and business office with a wall separating the two areas and separate lockable doors.

The business office will have receptacles for lighting, computer, printer and fans.

On future units we will be able to have them painted to match the marketing scheme colors . This will be a tan color.

There will be a FAR UV 222 nanometer Disinfection Light in the ceiling which will inactivate all bacteria or viruses in the air or on surfaces to a log 3 or 99.9%. This disinfection includes inactivating COVID19.