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BrightWater Energy Solutions

BrightWater Energy Solutions LLC Installation and Construction Services can do it all: Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, Installation, Training for Operations & Maintenance, Warranty Support, with end-to-end Project Management capability.

The team of BrightWater Energy Solutions has visited countries in Africa numerous times over the past eleven years working to bring clean water to villages and clinics. Our technical knowledge and service capabilities place us within a select group of companies that understand how to deploy innovative clean water technologies which will provide drinking water at a low cost for all people living in Africa. We take complete pride in the design of our unique, cutting edge Solar Powered Clean Water Purification System. In addition to having unrivaled experience with supplying clean water in Africa, the experts at BrightWater Energy Solutions provide a variety of skillfully engineered, robust systems to deliver highly effective, time-proven, practical and cost-effective solutions for your project that can generate a substantial payback to investors in an unusually brief period of time.